Day 1 Program

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Introduction and Official Welcome

with Jo Plummer, Chair of VicWater


Acknowledgement of Country

with Rueben Berg,  Aboriginal Commissioner for Water


A Word from our Major Sponsor

with Iain Rouse, Amazon Web Services


Year in Review part 1

2020 Year in Review part 1

Victorian water corporation Managing Directors reflect on their highlights and most memorable moments of 2020 so far


5 minute break - 9.30am

Low Carbon Economy

Keynote: Low Carbon Economy

with Ross Garnaut


With unparalleled renewable energy resources Australia has the potential to be an economic superpower of the future post-carbon world. Play our cards well, and the global movement towards low and then net zero global emissions would establish rich new areas of comparative advantage for Australia in the world economy. Acceleration of the transition to the productive new economy will be highly advantageous for Post-Pandemic recovery.

Short break

Flexible and Climate Ready Infrastructure

with Mikhail Chester, Arizona State University


Infrastructure design principles continue to emphasize rigidity and assumptions of stable environments, yet evidence is emerging of accelerating, uncertain, and complex conditions. Rethinking infrastructure for the coming century will require fundamental shifts in technologies, governance, and education, towards instability as a norm, and flexibility in management.

5 minute break - 11.35am

Water for food: Strengthening the resilience of Victoria’s food system in a warming climate

with Dr Rachel Carey, Lecturer in Food Systems, University of Melbourne


As Victoria’s food system faces increasing shocks from climate change and pandemic, there is a need for long term planning to secure fresh food supplies for a growing population. This presentation explores the food system drivers behind the growing focus on water for food.

Papua New Guinea WASH Project

with Rosie Wheen, WaterAid Australia


The WaterAid WASH project commences October 2020, to improve access to clean water, sanitation and improved hygiene practices in 12 schools in the East Sepik and Central Provinces of Papua New Guinea (PNG). In collaboration with our partners, school management and local government, WaterAid will construct and rehabilitate water facilities and institutional latrines; deliver handwashing and menstrual hygiene management (MHM) education; and establish and train school health clubs, school staff and facility management Committees to ensure the sustainability of WASH services.

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Lunch break - 12.40pm

Afternoon program running across concurrent streams


Policy & Economics

facilitated by Jarrah O'Shea

Insights from the Sector Economics Review
 Chris Olszak David Heeps

Technology & Innovation

proudly sponsored by

facilitated by Tony Wulff

How iota share South East Water's solutions and collaborate with Victorian water corporations - and beyond
Daniel Sullivan

Using Cloud & Analytics to Drive Innovation
Simon Elisha
Amazon Web Services

IWN Program Overview
Dean Barnett
Intelligent Water Networks

IWN Program , Edge Technologies - Remote Field Worker Technology Trial
Brock Tunnicliffe
Intelligent Water Networks


facilitated by James Cleaver

Victoria's New Environmental Protection Laws
Jane Hall

Diversity & Inclusion

facilitated by Christina Bassani

The Gender journey in traditionally male-dominated sports
Brendon Gale
Richmond Football Club

20 minute break

Policy & Economics

facilitated by Livia Bonazzi

Water Resilient Cities
Rhys Anderson & Martin Shouler

Applying the Circular Economy to the Water Sector
Mike Andrews & Robert Spencer

Technology & Innovation

facilitated by Fee Boucher

From problem to solution in the water industry. South East Water's approach to Digital Meter innovation
Daniel Sullivan, iota and Andrew Forster-Knight, South East Water

Biosolids & Resource Recovery - Biosolids to Biochar Trial
Aravind Surapaneni
Intelligent Water Networks

The Million Jobs Plan
Chris Arnott
Beyond Zero Emissions

Technology & Innovation proudly sponsored by


facilitated by Chris Dalton

Corruption risks associated with public sector boards
David Wolf

Diversity & Inclusion

facilitated by Jo Lim

Diversity & Inclusion in the Victorian Water Sector
Panel presentation featuring, Jill Sears, Jade Shillington and Stephen Hanlon

30 minute break - 4.30pm

Join us to review the day and check in with the Victorian sector


Reflections on the Program so far

with Peter Morison, CEO VicWater


2020 the Year in Review - part 2


Managing Directors from the Victorian water industry share their thoughts and learnings on the events and challenges from this momentous year

Taste of Victoria raffle draw

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Social Networking

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Day 1 program concludes 6pm

Countdown to the 2020 Annual Conference


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