Day 2 Program

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Program begins 9.00am

Introduction to Day 2

Peter Morison, CEO VicWater


Emerging Macro-trends

Emerging Macro Trends

Danielle Wood, CEO Gratten Institute


Danielle will discuss economic effects of COVID-19 and the key challenges for business and policy makers over the next 12 months. She will also look long-term to how the pandemic might change how we live and work.

5 minute break - 10.05am

Creating a healthy liveable Melbourne for all: How are we tracking?

Professor Billie Giles-Corti


Short break

Strategies Leaders Can Use to Build Resilience in Themselves and Their Teams

Dr André Taylor, Leadership Specialist


In this presentation, leadership coach Dr André Taylor will share some techniques that developing leaders use to build resilience in themselves, their teams and organisations. A theme of this presentation will be the importance of adopting an experimental mindset as a leader. That is, someone who sees leadership development as a lifelong process, and who is prepared to experiment with a variety of different techniques to find ones that work and are sustainable.

Water and the Making of Urban Australia

Ruth Morgan


The development of urban water supplies and sanitation over the past century or so has brought incredible benefits to our lives, while technology and infrastructure allows us to consume that water in the blink of an eye. Thinking more carefully about where our water comes from — and at what cost — is vital to making sense of living in Australian cities now and in the future.

Event Close

Peter Morison, CEO VicWater returns for closing comments


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